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International Development Consulting

Over several decades of public and private sector service, our leadership has seen the full spectrum of governance and economic development, including areas of extreme poverty and abject lawlessness.  We seek to leverage our resources to establish partnerships with both government agencies and NGOs to combat poverty, establish effective governance, develop sustainable agriculture and improve public health.



Resource scarcity is a growing concern across the developing world, and our management team has seen it firsthand.  Our teams of agricultural experts will work with NGOs and world governments to assist in the development of alternative crops and implementation of new methods to bring sustainable farming to affected regions.



Our management team has worked to establish effective governance and rule of law in some of the world’s most remote and contested regions.  We have worked with tribal leaders and other power brokers across the Middle East and Central Asia to reduce conflict and set the conditions for effective governance, economic growth and infrastructure development.


Economic Growth

The developing world is increasingly becoming involved in the global marketplace as the internet and social media allow businesses to reach previously unreachable customers.  East Asia, Africa and Middle East have shown considerable growth over the last decade, paving the way for economic development in places many people never thought possible.


Public Health

Recent outbreaks such as Ebola and COVID-19 have demonstrated the level of exposure the developing world still has to infectious disease.  We will partner with governments and NGOs in affected regions to establish health clinics for testing and treatment, establish supply chains for medications and vaccines and leverage our pool of experienced medical professionals to develop sustainable solutions.

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