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Our Mission

The Mission of Onyx Humanitarian Services is to promote economic sustainability throughout the developing world. We partner with foreign and domestic organizations to integrate cutting edge technologies to advance the industries of telecommunications, agriculture, medicine, and commerce to improve public health and economic growth.


Our Purpose

Onyx Humanitarian Services aims to be a leader in the innovative application of emerging technologies and services to support developing nations with effective solutions for tomorrow’s requirements. In order to better extend our best-of-breed solutions, we have partnered with various innovative companies and forward-thinking public and private sector organizations to offer the best in sustainable solutions for international aid and development


Onyx Humanitarian




The path to universal human rights, health, and economy starts with unfettered access and sustains itself with a more connected global community…

With assistance from the US Department of State and organizations like UNICEF, USAID and the Red Cross Red Crescent we seek to make the far reaches of the globe more connected. Innovations in terrestrial and satellite communications have allowed us to offer e-commerce to local markets, provide next-gen telemedicine for medical providers, and bring global connectivity to the edges of the earth.



Sustainable communities requires collaboration; a growing community requires investment…

Efficiency of industry is critical for developing nations as Gross Domestic Product tends to rely on product based economies. We believe that those with the fewest resources should still be afforded access to tomorrow’s technologies.

Be it precision agriculture, advanced medical systems, next generation industrial AI, or connectivity to global markets; Onyx Humanitarian calls upon multinational corporations, NGOs and governments to help advance the efficiencies of industry across the globe.



Stable societies are built upon a strong foundation of legal principals, ethical standards and a pragmatic dogma…

We have a strong philanthropic view, founded by good people and ethical partners that seek to better this world one project at a time. We seek to work with public and private entities that stand behind a strong code of ethics and aim to improve the people and organizations in which they touch.We stand behind the principals of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) and the International Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities (IAACA). Moreover, our programs and efforts aim to support communities and nation states that foster societal wellness and ethical principals.



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