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Redefining the Modern



Onyx Humanitarian Services is redefining the modern micro-community. In the world of tomorrow, refugee camps and migrant support infrastructure will require a modular ecosystem suitable to sustain basic societal needs. Onyx identifies that migrant communities, refugee camps and micro-communities alike lack the fundamental resources of a basic society. This lack of connectivity to the community creates segregation, increases crime and breeds isolationism in squalor. To combat this problem, Onyx Humanitarian Services delivers custom-tailored and modular solutions to ensure displaced populations receive the services they need to stay productive.  Our rapidly deployable ecosystem is built on a locally sustainable telecom network which facilitates secure global inter-connectivity, provides a sustainable microgrid, potable water, tailored educational services, portable health labs, solutions for precision agriculture, and access to e-commerce platforms to encourage fair trade.

Offering a robust ecosystem to solve critical humanitarian problems in a variety of applications across the globe. A modular package for the global good.



Deployment of secure and robust 4G LTE network to the designated area; patrons are provided a provisioned SIM offering them connectivity to a customizable collection of websites and local services.  The network is compatible with any internet ready device and serves as the backbone for all other features of the ecosystem.  Additionally, our network greatly supports emergency response teams during times of crisis and allows individuals to stay informed of the current situation.


Clean Water

Utilizing a proprietary method of water sanitation our system provides a pump and filter to ensure micro populations have sufficient potable water.  Our data analysis platform enables the processing of information to support real-time monitoring of resource levels as well as the ability to forecast future quality levels and filter replacement schedules.



Our newest accessory to the box is the integration of unmanned sustainable farming devices.  The Village in a Box network interfaces with various IOT components, allowing farming societies to leverage precision agriculture drones and ground sensors to increase yields.  Our training tools help farmers understand their environment and provides critical data to aid in seasonal planning.  Both farmers and external entities can assess the health, value and production of each zone screened, significantly improving the efficiency of the farm, identify invasive species. and improve the overall assessment of yield, year after year.



Basic education is an essential resource in the development of youth. Lack of academic investment is widely recognized as a critical component in the collapse of societies.  Therefore, we prioritized an integrated PK-5 education program that is customizable based on regional and cultural considerations.  Lessons are accessible through smartphone and tablet apps, laptop and desktop computers, all provided over an educational server offering secure wireless connectivity for the classroom.



Farmers, artists, artisans and entrepreneurs around the globe make use of the internet as a means to connect with customers and expand their market access.  We seek to leverage this technology to increase economic opportunities in developing societies.  Village in a Box connects sellers in areas where these opportunities never existed, and connects them with consumers around the world, assisting with logistics through our business partners.


Public Health

Populations in the developing world are extremely susceptible to the spread of infectious disease due to poor living conditions, extremely dense populations and poor sanitation.  The Village in a Box network facilitates the use of telemedicine and remote diagnosis of leading medical challenges.  Additionally, the system creates a database of inoculation and medical records, that follows individuals from point to point, ensuring that medical providers have access to the necessary information they need to keep these camps and communities safe and healthy.

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